Standing Tall Against All Odds.

At 5,985 meters high, Mount Kilimanjaro is the world’s highest free-standing mountain above sea level. For many able-bodied people, climbing Kilimanjaro can seem unimaginable. Spencer West conquered this feat while walking on his hands.
images-1“Standing Tall” by Spencer West is the life story of motivational speaker Spencer West. West was born with sacral agencies, a rare genetic disorder that left his lower spine poorly developed. When he was a child he had his legs amputated to allow a more functional life. Although his childhood was far from easy, he always had the determination and spirit to take him to great heights.

The book talks about many challenges he faced as a child, including the bullies who called him names and targeted him due to his physical disability. His story also explains many friends that have helped encourage him to be great.

Most would believe that being confined to a chair can limit ones ability to achieve goals and experiences compared to those who have legs, however, West has found a way to make his circumstances work to his advantage. Working with the foundation “Free The Children“, founded by brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger, West has had the opportunity to travel the world making a difference and proving to himself and others that no limits, whether physical or otherwise, can hold us back in achieving our dreams. With the Free The Children foundation, which empowers children around the world to have the right to education, housing, food and to be loved, he is also involved in “We Day” events across North America. This day involves talks by many social-political leaders such as the Dali Lama, music stars like Jason Mraz and up to tens of thousands of compassionate students soaking up the knowledge and inspiration from these powerful speakers.

images-2Spencer West and his book Standing Tall is inspirational and courageous. He is known to be a bright soul who inspires others wherever he goes. I highly recommend this book and encourage others to be involved with the Free The Children foundation.

Every purchase of the Standing Tall book along with any other Me to We book gives a notebook to a child in a developing country. To learn more please see

Michelle Wolfe

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