Is That a Space Ship?


Is that a space ship? Or a machine that takes you into the future? The Magnesphere may look like it’s built for the Jetsons but you may be interested to hear it has many health benefits.images-4

The idea of this machine was based on the premise of not creating another drug or device which would require surgery. This affordable, non-invasive technology is based on the same principles of an MRI device. It uses external magnetic fields to affect a particular molecular target in the body; however, unlike an MRI device, the Magnesphere fields are a trillion times smaller. If you are injured or experiencing pain, your molecules could be at an improper frequency. The proper vibration settings received from the Magnesphere help your magnetic fields find balance. This balance allows your body to relax and begin to heal itself.

Many people of all ages, around the world, have found that the machine helps for both chronic and acute pain. At the clinic we have experimented with different settings and fields to help those suffering with sleep problems, pain, and even help increase sex drive.  This painless treatment lasts 60 minutes and while it’s working it’s magic, you can rest, read a book or even watch a movie.

See here for more information, or stop in to Aim2Walk if you’d like to try the Magnesphere for yourself.

Michelle Wolfe

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