Creating An Adventure Filled Easter Basket

With the Easter bunny scheduled to be arriving this weekend, I’ve heard, the Easter baskets have had a makeover. This year, the baskets are all about, games, adventure and healthier choices.


For the past month, I’ve noticed each grocery store and convenience store has been pushing the typical sugary candies and milk-chocolate. How can you resist Cadbury’s chocolate eggs filled with caramel or the Easter coloured jelly beans, when they’re strategically placed right at the till, staring you in the eyes. I can understand, it’s fun to have an easter egg hunt and to enjoy a few sweet treats, however, we know how toxic these sugar filled treats are for our bodies and it’s time to find new traditions and healthier treats to enjoy. Join in on the newest trend and create an adventure filled, nutrient packed, stylin Easter basket.


Step Outside and Enjoy the Sunshine (if and when it decides to show up)

images-71. Sidewalk chalk- Give your child a writing tool and I guarantee at some point they will draw off the page and onto the table. Or if your really lucky, they will find your favorite white furniture. Why not take these artistic minds and give them a canvas with character. SideWalk chalk is easy to clean up, especially with all the rain we’ve been having and it’s fun for all ages to enjoy.

2. Skipping rope- Why not get those kids off the couch and get them outside and active. When I was a child, we used to use baler twine or the water hose as a skipping rope. These days you can get Easter-egg coloured ropes which are bound to get those kids jumping like the Easter bunny.


Not-So Toxic Treats

Lapin_chocolat3. Chocolate bunnies- Don’t be alarmed, of course chocolate bunnies have made the list. Even for myself, being Miss.Health Conscious can’t leave them out of this holiday completely. However, I have found a delicious healthier find. Camino chocolates have come out with a bunny shaped dark chocolate.  This peanut free chocolate is not only a healthier organic choice,  it is also a Canadian based company  involved in Fair Trade. 

4. Real Fruit Lollipops- YumEarth Organics has created a “not so bad for you” pop so you can enjoy a little sweetness, without causing a tummy ache. These treats are packed with real fruits and veggies, and free of chemicals and artificial dyes. I gave these to my nieces last year for Halloween, and I to enjoyed the real fruit flavors, like Pomegranate Pucker, Perfectly Peachy, and Strawberry Smash (my favorite). I bet you can’t eat just one.


Craft Corner

5. Activity and Sticker Books- If there just so happens to be a thunderstorm on this holiday weekend it maybe a good idea to have some new inside crafts to enjoy. Walmart and many craft stores have spring and Easter stickers, colouring books, paints and much more for creative minds.

lemon-poppy-seed-bunny-cookies-gluten-free6. Easter Themed Cookie Cutters- A holiday weekend is a great time for family to be together and enjoy spending quality time with each other. I can’t think of a better reason for the family to bake healthy treats, and they can have fun decorating them too. Try Elanas Pantry for her gluten free lemon poppy seed bunny cookies. Yum, yum, I think I may go make some now!


Holidays are easy to push your normal healthy lifestyle onto the curb. Hopefully you can try some of these ideas and get your creative minds rolling so your little ones can have an adventure packed weekend. One that won’t give them a toxic sugar high. 






Michelle Wolfe

More Easter fun from Aim2Walk *Click Here*

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