Learning to Crawl

images-2Before we learn to walk, we learn to crawl. This was the idea we had when developing therapy techniques for our clients with neurological issues. On November 3, 2013, Davion Resal was in a work accident. His doctors told him he had a complete spinal cord injury and would need a wheelchair to ambulate for the rest of his life. Davion has been proving his doctors wrong as he is gets stronger and gains more function each day.

When I first worked with Davion in our Neurochangers Gym, I had him get down on our big blue mats and try to crawl.  At first he was hesitant to even get on all fours knowing his balance was compromised due to lack of muscle strength and function. The first day he struggled while trying to pull his body across the mats and he worked on gaining trust and confidence in himself.  He was surprised to learn that he had more function in his body then he thought. The following day, I left Davion on the matt with a few tasks and to experiment on his own.  When I came back to see how he was doing, he had a big smile on his face and said “watch what I can do!”

I took out my video camera and began to record him. Due to excitement, I swore a few times, so this is take two 🙂

Stay tuned for more from Davion throughout his Journey

Michelle Wolfe*

See more from Davion,

2 responses

  1. Davion I ‘m really proud of you. Keep on holding on to hope, faith, love and confidence.
    Continue to thank God and the folks at the Rehap Centre for helping you thus far. You will make it Davion,
    Love you Davion.

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