Stay Away From Bum Pain!

bum pain

Have you ever had a pain in the bum from sitting too long in one position? Generally our body will tell us when it’s time to adjust positions due to pressure stopping blood flow to our tissues; however, many people who use a wheelchair have reduced sensation in their body. This prevents them from realizing when and if the pressure is too much on their tush.

Pressure sores, also known as decubitus ulcers or bedsores, are localized injuries to the skin due to pressure and/or friction. One of the most common areas for pressure sores is on the sacrum and coccyx, which can result from sitting, in one position, for a long period of time. This irritation can happen quickly; however, the time it takes to heal, can last for months. To stop the sore from getting worse the individual needs to relieve pressure from this area. This often requires being bed bound to stay off the area and eliminating any friction causing movements.  At Aim2Walk we have had clients stop certain physiotherapy programs due to having a pressure sore. This is frustrating for the individual and causes time and money to heal the sore when that time would normally be used for rehabilitation from their original problem.

If you have experienced having a bed sore or if you know someone who has, you will understand how devastating it can be and how important it is to prevent them. Sensimat is a Toronto based company which has developed a sensor that can detect how much pressure you have while sitting on the mat.  With leading technology, the seat is wirelessly connected to your phone using an app. The app allows the individual to identify if and when they are at increased risk for developing a sore due to having pressure in an area for an extended period of time.

How does it work?

The sensors are located in a thin mat which is inserted directly under the existing wheelchair cushion and is zipped up in the incasing sleeve. The hardware is connected to an app on your iphone and android that you can pair via bluetooth. It allows you to monitor your pressure 24/7. This handy tool allows the user to know when to weight shift and relieve the pressure.

How do you get one of these super seats? 

At this point they have a “beta system” which is being tested in several clinical facilities (including Aim2Walk), as well as several wheelchair users in the community. The creators of the Sensimat are in need of money to make sure the product is complete and that the software is safe and working properly.  They have teamed up with Indiegogo, which is a website to help new businesses and inventions get started.  They are looking for people who are interested in the product and looking to purchase and/or donate to the business. This link has information on the clinical tests, technical features and how to get your hands on this new useful tool.

At Aim2Walk we understand how important it is to our clients to be able to identify when their skin may be in danger of being damaged from pressure sores.  Please help us spread the word of this useful product and you could save many individuals from developing unnecessary pressure sores.

Michelle Wolfe

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