Aim2Walk Rolls with the Punches

Ian Cannon was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of 3. After years of ineffective therapy, he turned to boxing at the age of 14 and he has been empowered by the results.  Ian says boxing helps him focus, control his spasms, and it has even motivated him to work as a boxing promoter.  His story is inspiring and proves that it’s important to have passion and drive to get through life’s struggles.  Ian is now 18.

Take a look at Ian story:

Hearing Ian’s story reassured us at Aim2Walk that boxing is a great addition to our therapy program. Clients with limited balance, coordination and use of limbs can get a lot out of boxing drills. Clients love the stress release, and they always get a good workout.

IMG_3366Our therapists are always finding ways to grow personally and professionally, so we invited Jason Van Veldhuysen to “show us the ropes”! Jason is a former competitive amateur boxer and martial artist, he does everything from nutritional planning to making educational videos on youtube .  Each session here at Aim2Walk, he has kicked our butts with intensive sweat dripping drills.  The fundamentals of boxing can easily be integrated in our work as therapists, building stamina, concentration and determination.

Jason must really like us here, he even asked about volunteering his time to work with the clients of Aim2Walk.  Jason’s talents and uplifting energy are certainly welcome.

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