13 Year Old Emmanuel Paralyzed and Needs Your Help!

ImageEmmanuel Mavridakis is a 13 year old male who was in a motor vehicle accident in Quebec on July 6th 2014.  This young boy miraculously woke up from a comma full of life with no brain injury however he was paralyzed from the waist down. Through his journey he has come to a point where he needs more intensive therapy to be able to walk again.  Emmanuel has come to Aim2Walk all the way from Quebec to use the Lokomat until his hospital raises enough money to provide a Lokomat for him closer to home. This is a very crucial stage for him and he needs the hard core therapy now! His family and friends have raised almost half the money for the Lokomat and continue to push to make this happen for him.  He will be traveling to Toronto to come to Aim2Walk at least once a month until his hospital receives the Lokomat. Please help Emmanuel get the therapy tools he needs to regain his function in his legs.

Emmanuel’s family posted this YouTube video and it shows some of the therapy he does at the hospital.

Please visit this website to make a donation to help Emmanuel walk again. (This link is currently only available in French however it is easy to understand. If you are unsure of how to help please contact the clinic at www.aim2walk.ca or 416-679-9255 and we will try to direct you on where you can donate.


It takes 3 therapists to assist Emmanuel with walking on a treadmill. They could use a Lokomat!


These therapists must have a sore back after a 30 minute session!

We will be following Emmanuels journey and will be posting more soon!

Michelle Wolfe

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