Does Valentines Day Make You Want To Barf?


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For some people February 14th is a day of love and romance and the time to spend with their significant other. For those who are single, it could be a sad depressing and lonely day. Being a woman who spent basically every valentines day single for 20 something years, I can relate to the annoyance of the “love” that is supposed to be shared on this overly commercialized holiday.  However, with these many lonely years in the past that I spent single I have learned that either I can mope around feeling sad for myself as a beautiful independent single lady or I could embrace the day with cheer and love had by all.  This valentines day although I am no longer single (and I will be expecting a boquette of flowers from my special man, hint, hint)  I will be appreciating all the other special people in my world. Why only celebrate the love from my significant other when I can celebrate the love for my friends, family, co-workers and important people in my life.

IMG_3287Today I have choose to spoil those wonderful people in my life! My roomate who just so happens to be my best friend, was ecstatic to be woken up to warm banana gluten free banana pancakes for breakfast. My clients will be enjoying yummy kiss chocolates and chocolate covered heart shaped bananas.  My valentines cards are sent out to my family and yes of course my boyfriend will be getting a homemade dinner with all his favorite foods.


So, instead of feeling sick every time you see a red rose or a heart shaped helium balloon. Embrace it, and share that love with someone in your life (even if it’s something special for yourself) and spread the love to those around you. You may be surprised at how rewarding it is to show that someone special how much you care about them.  Happy V-day everyone!

Michelle Wolfe, RMT

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