Have you ever thought about art and the way it can inspire you and take you back to a happy place and a memory of a special moment?  Global News recently visited Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation where they display paintings and sculptures to help create more of a “home” type environment rather then the typical plain white sterile walls.  They talk about how the art can help reduce anxiety and decrease the use of pain medication.  It can even help heal the sick faster and assist in quicker discharge.    Art promotes wellbeing and can take you to another world, a world that helps you feel relaxed and calm.

At Aim2Walk we think of ourselves as more of a family. Our team of therapists put a strong effort into helping our clients feel comfortable and apart of the family.  Majority of our clients are with us for 2-3 hours 2-3 days a week. We are helping them with their goals  and making their dreams a reality.  Within our clinic we have created a “home” like feel with not only the outgoing positive therapists but also with the decor and art pieces on the walls.

IMG_1822These two beautiful munchkins are my nieces Brynn and Olivia.  As you can see they have no worries as they splash through this large puddle on the front lawn. If you could see me behind the camera, you would see me happy as a kid in a candy store, splashing along with these two lovely ladies.  When I look at the painting by Julia Vandepolder (seen above)  it reminds me of  this day enjoying a time of no worries with my nieces. It’s a powerful thing when I can be having the worst day and by looking at this painting, my worries seem to disappear.

IMG_2784Julia is another artist who has kindly allowed us to hang her art in our Neurochangers gym. Julia currently maintains a full-time studio practice at the Alton Mill in Caledon, Ontario. Her unique style has won her numerous awards including the Ellen Langlands Memorial Award in 2013 Insights Juried show, first prize award in the Juried Art Show at the Judith and Norman Alix Art Gallery in Sarnia  also in 2013 and many more. For more information about Julia please visit www.juliavandepolder.com and for information on prices please call 519-803-6308 or email julia.vandepolder@gmail.com

Thank you Julia for allowing us to enjoy your art pieces. They are an inspiration to our clients and help create a comfortable space for our clients to feel at home.

Michelle Wolfe, RMT
Previous blogs featuring Aim2Walks local artists: Scott Richardson, Matt Kowalski

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