Cage The Animals

Back in September we were pleased to celebrate the grand opening of NeuroChangers Personal Training Program.  Jesse and I sat down to build protocols and have begun to educate the rest of the crew with what we have been up to.  On January 22 I took the team through the most abstract piece of equipment that we use: the cage.


No, this is not the Royal Rumble and there won’t be any Smackdown’s but there is definitely some sweat! This piece of equipment is comprised of slings, ropes and pulleys.  You may have seen something similar commonly known as RedCord and TRX.  We have found useful ways to incorporate this equipment into our rehabilitation facility.  By off-weighting an individuals limb we are able to target specific movements and work on strengthening weak muscle groups with less barriers.


Margaret is practicing abduction adduction.

We have seen many improvements using the cage for strength training  but we are also able to use this piece of equipment to stretch and calm the nervous system (via rocking). If you’re interested in learning more, we would be more than happy to strap you up!

Michelle Teves


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