JP Rimando Saved a Life Today!

About 2 months ago the Aim2Walk team participated in a CPR course. Today we had a real life emergency at the clinic and our therapists needed to think quick to save a life.

Domenico Durzo had finished his two hours of therapy and was enjoying a nice lunch with his wife when he began to choke. By the time JP saw him, he was already blue in the face and he had fear in his eyes. JP who is also a very close family friend to Domenico, recognized he needed help fast. He bent down behind his chair, wrapped his arms around his stiff body and began to J thrust in his stomach. Due to extreme tone, and fear, his stomach was hard as a rock and JP had to push hard and fast.  Shortly after, the food became dislodged and Domenico took a breath.

This is the second time Domenico has choked however it was never this serious. Luckily JP was able to think fast and remember what he was taught at his CPR course. It’s scary how quick an emergency can arise.

It is important to have the education and knowledge on how to help someone when they are choking.  There are many courses available, so please take the time and learn how to save a life!

ImageJP, you are a true hero today!

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