Robotic Standing Device Helps Give Freedom for Wheelchair Users

The Tek Robotic Mobilization Device is a new mobile standing device for paraplegics.  This high tech device allows people who are normally in a wheelchair to stand while moving and completing daily tasks.

Tek Robotic Mobilization Device

 Tek RMD is small and easy to use. It is different from the typical wheelchair, as this device is back loading. This allows the person to strap themselves in while seated and without having to transfer. With a remote control, the machine can be signaled to come directly in front of the person where they can strap themselves in without additional help from others. The device is built with a suspension system containing a gas spring which allows the person to pull themselves up without difficulty and with safety and balance.

ImageBeing in a standing position allows the person to be at eye level with others. When at home or at work it also makes things more convenient to open cupboards or to reach into shelves which would normally be out of reach for someone sitting in a wheelchair.

Many wheelchair users have health problems due to being in a seated position for most of the day. Over time they may develop cardiovascular disease, blood pressure irregularity and or pressure sores. Being able to stand could help with all of these health related issues.

The design is roughly 36 cm wide and 62 cm long which is generally smaller then the smallest adult wheelchairs which allows the user to maneuver in narrow and irregular shaped spaces.

I’m very interested to see this robotic device out on the market and I hope it is as easy to use as it looks. Please contact me if you have tried this machine as I would be interested in learning more from someone with experience.

ImageTake a look at this video and see for yourself how convenient and smooth this device is.   Technology, it can be pretty cool!

Michelle Wolfe, RMT

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