Young Woman Close to Death due to Misdiagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis

“I don’t think you have MS, I think you have a blood infection or Lyme disease.” This is what a natural healer told Tricia Horan while her body was quickly failing from what she was told was Multiple Sclerosis.

In 2002 Tricia started to feel numbness in her left leg. Shortly after Tricia’s eyes would pulsate when she looked from side to side and she started seeing double. With these symptoms her doctor ordered her to have a CAT scan thinking it could be a brain tumor. When this was ruled out, she was ordered to have an MRI which showed lesions on her brain and spine and she was given a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  Tricia specifically remembers her mother asking the doctor “how sure are you that it’s MS?” The doctor replied “of course it is. What else would it be?”

By 2004, Tricia starting taking drugs to treat her MS. She didn’t notice any positive changes while taking these medications, and in fact, she began to deteriorate faster.  Tricia was recommended by a doctor turned natural healer to try a Hyperbaric Chamber which she used regularly for 6 weeks; however, the technician didn’t allow the depth that was recommended for her treatment which made it ineffective. Tricia decided to move onwards.

Within less then two weeks Tricia went from walking to not walking and being depended on a wheelchair. This is when Tricia met a Naturaceutical Researcher (a medical doctor who converted to natural healing practice) who examined her from head to toe. He found swelling and redness around her lower spine, and he noticed she was having difficulty breathing, her diaphragm was becoming paralyzed. He was convinced that she was not suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.  15 out of the past 17 clients he had treated had either Lyme disease or a blood infection, not MS!  He suggested that she get a special DNA blood test to help confirm her diagnosis. Sure enough, Tricia was positive to having a blood infection called Mycoplasma. Many people can have Mycoplasma and not even know it; however, in Tricia’s case, the infection went to her spinal cord which went to her brain and caused extreme complications.  Taking the MS drugs was suppressing her immune system which allowed the infection to spread rapidly and take over her body.

This infection was literally killing Tricia and something drastic needed to be done! With help from the Naturaceutical Researcher, Tricia started doing intensive intravenous treatments which included: vitamin B, C, glutathiamone, magnesium chloride, hydrogen peroxide and more. Tricia basically moved in with a lovely woman where she could be treated properly with these IV therapy treatments 6 days a week 10 hours a day. With all these natural vitamins and minerals, no new symptoms developed and her deterioration stopped. She continued to get MRI’s during her IV treatments which showed that she did still have lesions on her brain however the lesions on her spine where healed.

Image Through Tricia’s journey she has been open to try basically any creative natural “wacky” therapy that could help her eliminate the infection and help her walk again. She has had her wisdom teeth holes re-opened and cleaned because they found extreme amounts of infection. She has changed her diet drastically eliminating foods which are hard for the body to process such as dairy, wheat, carbs, and much more. Sugars are know to help feed infections so this is another main item she needed to eliminate. During all this triumph, Tricia had cancer form on her liver. She was hooked up to a PICC line where she was given yet again another natural treatment which in turn eliminated the cancer.

ImageThis picture shows where Tricia had needles along her spine to help with mitochondrial function of the cell, another one of her “wacky” therapies.

Hyperbaric chambers was the only known way to eliminate the infection and it took roughly 90 dives with a hyperbaric chamber to eliminate the infection. Although Tricia knew the Hyperbaric was killing off the infection and toxins, she was feeling awfully sick.

Sadly Tricia’s body has been through so much that she has damage to her spinal cord. It is unknown how much damage and how long the recovery process will take, but what is for sure, is that the infection that was taking over her body is gone, and she does not have Multiple Sclerosis (although her medical files will forever state that she does).

ImageTricia is a fighter!  This woman does not give up until she has what she wants.  Being affected with this kind of infection is scary, painful, tiring and can make you feel like “death” as Tricia says.  Sadly Tricia and her very supportive family have had to fight for everything they wanted and needed to help Tricia get better. No medical doctor that Tricia saw knew how to treat Mycoplasma. She was told that she was affected by MS and that was the end of it. No more tests were requested to be sure it wasn’t something else, no questions about the diagnosis and definitely no change of treatment once she knew it was a blood infection.

I would also like to note that Tricia had her DNA blood work taken at Humber River Hospital. Her blood infection is not noticeable in a regular blood test from your family doctor.

If you or your loved one is diagnosed with a disease, and you have doubt in the diagnosis, I strongly encourage you to fight for the proper diagnosis and treatment. Although we live in a country where the medical system is supposed to be one of the best in the world, misdiagnoses occur, particularly with a disease like MS. Do your research, ask questions and take your health and treatment into your own hands.

ImageImageTricia is currently training with a physiotherapist as well as with Aim2Walk twice a week for one-on-one training with Jesse to strengthen her core and upper body. Tricia, you are a woman whose motivation, hard work and dedication have truly saved your life. Thank you for allowing me to share your story and for inspiring others to become leaders in their health.  I look forward to continue seeing your progress through your recovery.

Keep on pushing Tricia.

Michelle Wolfe, RMT

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  1. You are an absolutely amazing woman! Way to stand up for your health and do whatever it takes to get answers and to heal an get better! Can’t wait to hear about more of your success!!! Good luck on your journey!!!

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