Do you eat foods that you know are good for you or do you eat foods that you have been “taught” are good for you?

ImageWhat is the difference between Vegetarian and Vegan?

It can be confusing to understand the different types of vegetarianism, such as ovo, lacto, flexitarian, pescatarian, macrobiotic, raw, fruitarian, vegetarian and vegan. Some vegetarians eat eggs, drink milk, and some only eat fruit or nuts. Some are flexible allowing themselves to eat fish from time to time.  Personally I do not eat meat, including fish, but I do eat other animal products occasionally, i.e. cheese, yogurt, ice cream. I do prefer goat cheese rather than dairy due to the ethical treatment of dairy cows (being often poor), and the easier digestion of goats milk in my body.

Being vegan is the easiest type of vegetarian to explain as they do not eat any meat or any products which come from a living creature. I’ve recently adopted a more vegan diet as recommended by my Naturopath because of a recent eczema outbreak.  I’ve stopped eating two eggs a day and organic cows cheese and “bingo”… my eczema that I suffered with for 3 months has healed significantly in only 1 week. Coincidence? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Image101 Reasons to go Vegan is an amazing YouTube video that explores about animal rights and offers challenging debates on why vegetarianism is a positive lifestyle. Another question people ask me as a vegetarian is “how do you get enough protein”? If you do your research you will see that eating a well-balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and certain whole grains, will provide one with more than enough protein.  The video explains how elephants, rhinoceros and gorillas are all vegetarians. Are they getting enough protein?  Of course they are and this is why they can grow to be massive creatures weighing hundreds of pounds.

Another question is about calcium.  If you don’t drink milk then will you not grow to have osteoporosis? I challenge you to do some research about this topic. In fact, most countries that drink cows’ milk as a staple food in their diet have a higher occurrence of osteoporosis. Perhaps it’s the cows’ milk or perhaps it’s the crap they call vitamins they put in the milk after they’ve taken all the natural vitamins out of the milk (this brings me to another topic that I will save for another blog post.)

Question: if you came over to my house and I offered you some ice cream made from MY breast milk, would you eat it? Looking at the animal kingdom, we are the only creatures to continue drinking milk past the age of a baby and we are the only species to consume another species’ breast milk, which sounds a little odd when you think of it.


I understand we each have an opinion and we can each decide what is right or wrong for our bodies, however I ask you, do you eat the way you do because you know it’s good for you or because you have been “taught” it’s good for you? You have been taught to think that it’s okay to eat cow, chicken and pig and inhuman to kill and eat a dog or cat. What is society teaching us?

I’m not telling you what you should or shouldn’t eat however I am giving my opinion and my views on how I feel, not on what society says I’m supposed to feel. This video is an hour long but I encourage you to take the time and listen to what it talks about. It’s informative and may give you a thing or two to think about.

Michelle Wolfe

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