That’s a wrap!


Goodbye 2013, hello 2014! Aim2Walk has had a busy and successful year with many changes.

For example, we expanded our space and started up some new therapy programs. Our new NeuroChangers program has been well received and really brightened the place up.

Some of the new equipment we’ve brought in includes, therapy stairs; “the cage” – which lets us implement gravity eliminated therapy; Cognisens – a perceptual-cognitive training device; the Amedeo – a robotic assistive device for your hand and fingers; a new standing frame (thank you so much for the donation from Taylor Lindsay-Noel); punching bags; a ping pong table and basketball net (which the therapist have probably enjoyed having around more then the clients) and so much more. We are constantly looking for the newest technology to help make therapy more effective and fun!

Our helpers, co-op students and volunteers increased this year, so we had a lot of extra hands on deck. Thanks to all those who spent their time at the clinic, we appreciated the help!

Hereʼs what the Aim2Walk team has been up to this year:

Sadly we had to say goodbye to two very special therapists. Our prize physiotherapist Tara Digman moved from the big old chaotic city of Toronto to a quiet little cozy town. We miss you Tara… hope you’re enjoying the scenery, sad face 😦 Also, our spunky kinesiologist Charlotte Warren decided to leave us for school (imagine that!!). Best of luck Charlotte, remember to watch your step on those ramps.

After these two lovely ladies left we had our hands full looking for new therapists. We’re a close family at Aim2Walk so itʼs not always easy finding the right fit. I have to say however that we’ve been very lucky this year and found two new therapists who definitely exceeded our hopes. Megan Covert and Michelle Teves are both smart, hard working and easy going additions to the team. Most importantly, they’re both great dancers which is a definite must with our team.

IMG_2873Megan studied Physiotherapy at the University of Toronto and finished her last placement with us. This made it an easy transition into her new position here. Megan, we love having you in our space and look forward to many more dance central competitions!


Michelle is a kinesiology graduate with an extra certification in exercise science and lifestyle management. She was also hired after finishing her last placement with us. Big news… Michelle was recently engaged! Congratulations Michelle and Daniel!

We have a few veterans at Aim2Walk that deserve a few quick words as well. Dickson chow not only spent his summer with us, he even helped for a few days through the Christmas holidays. Dickson is currently back at school where he studies Kiniseology. Dickson is our current chin-up champ, with a whopping non-stop 23! It must be all that rice he eats.

AksanaAksana Yushkevich, Aim2Walk’s trusty receptionist, has moved from a small compacted desk to a beautiful new fancy desk (designed by Jesse). Aksana also took some holiday time this year to visit her home country Belarus.

ImageRegina Goropse finished school and became a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. She also traveled home to the Philippines where she participated in an annual town festival. She dressed up like a princess and made her family proud!

ImageJP Rimando graduated from Sutherland-Chan where he studied Massage Therapy. He successfully passed his provincial board exams and is currently practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist at Aim2Walk as well as at a private clinic downtown. With hard work and extreme dedication JP also completed his first ever full marathon. We are so proud of you JP!

ImageAs for me, this year I took on more responsibility at the clinic and became the director of social media. Check out all my posts on as well as these blogs on I also completed an Acupuncture course at MacMaster University and will be adding Acupuncture into my practice. Get ready to be needled!

ImageMatt Sanchez has been on the road promoting us at conventions and various organizations. Matt and his wife have also decided to add another little Sanchez to the family (how many is that now?). Matt also got tough with JP and participated in Tough Mudder. They enjoyed being electrocuted and swimming in ice water so much that they have somehow convinced the rest of the team to participate in 2014. Yikes!

ImageJesse Lown has travelled several times to Jamaica where he’s been working with his magic hands and providing intensive spinal cord rehab. He’s had a real hard time there baking in the hot sun, chilling by the pool/ocean and stuffing his face on local cuisine. Jesse has also learned to GIVE hugs. This is a big step for Jesse!

All in all we have had a successful year and we’re looking forward to more positive changes in 2014. We’d like to thank all of our clients for their hard work and dedication to their therapy. As well Iʼd like to thank everyone for reading these blogs and staying in touch with us through Facebook and twitter. Aim2Walk is a special place and our clients often tell us they wish they had known about us sooner. If you know someone who needs top-notch neurological therapy, we want them to know about us asap. Please help share the news about our clinic for the world to know.

All the best in 2014!

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