Food, Drinks, and The Aim2Walk Team = a Really Good Party!

The countdown is on and Christmas is only days away.


This season is a magical time with celebrations and fun for everyone to enjoy. No matter what religion or background, it’s a great excuse to get together and honor the year that has past. If you know the therapists at Aim2Walk, you know we are always up for a good party and this season is a good reason to do it up right.  Dave spoiled us by getting a ping pong table for the clinic to go along with our basketball net, piano and lots of open space for gift exchange which included lots of creative games. Matt’s wife Dorota and mother in law prepared a delicious feast which kept us snaking all night long. (homemade perogies, YUM!!!).

Here is a sneak peak from our party. (All pictures have been carefully picked and edited for your protection). More pics can be found on


Happy Holidays From the Aim2Walk Team! Cheers!

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