First Ever Wheelchair Ski Backflip


Paralympian Josh Dueck was injured in a skiing accident over a decade ago leaving him paralyzed from the waste down.  His passion for skiing continued and he is now a World Champion Skier (Paraskier). 


Although Josh has accomplished great things as a ski racer he has never let go of his fear of completing a back flip.  As a Paraplegic with metal rods in his back, the risks of injuring himself while completing a back flip is much higher.  Josh and his team spent weeks preparing the perfect location and jump to be sure he would be safe if he should happen to land the wrong way.  Successfully he landed the jump several times (with landing on his head only once).  Josh says “ stepping outside your comfort zone is where the magic is”.  Sometimes it’s worth taking the risk to overcome your fears and make the impossible possible. 


Check out this video and see the magic!  Way to go Josh! 

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