Aim2Walk in Edmonton

CIMVHR logoLast week I had the pleasure of attending the 4th Annual Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR) Forum in Edmonton, Alberta. The Forum aims to bring together top level researchers, clinicians and military personnel to meet and discuss hot topics relating to military and health.  This year’s event hosted over 500 participants including international delegates, military personnel, keynote speakers, veterans, industry stakeholders (like Neuro-Solutions) and 30 Universities from across Canada.

The week started with myself and David travelling to Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Edmonton to do a training session prior to the start of the conference.  The therapy department at Glenrose is doing a trial with the Amadeo Robotic Hand Rehabilitation System and I had the pleasure of introducing their

photo 3

staff to the great benefits of the device. Dave and I also went on a tour of their amazing facility, and got to see a demonstration of the CAREN System. CAREN stands for “Computer Assisted Rehabilitation ENvironment” and Glenrose has one of only 2 such systems in Canada (Ottawa has the other).  Basically, you walk on a treadmill while navigating a 3D environment while maintaining your balance as the treadmill tilts and whirls around based on the environment. They also had a very cool touch screen training device that they developed on site with the help of some computer programmers.

photo 1

Later that evening, I presented a poster with information about the Aim2Walk Therapy Protocol and Neurochangers Training Program. Attendees were very interested in learning more about the type of intensive therapy available in Canada, and EVERYONE asked why this type of therapy isn’t standard for people with neurological impairments. Great question!

We had the largest poster! Thanks Jesse for designing this beauty.

We had the largest poster! Thanks Jesse for designing this beauty.

The rest of the conference went quite well and the organizers declared the 2013 Forum a huge success. The Neuro-Solutions booth was also a success and our rehab equipment attracted a lot of interested conference participants.

We look forward to supporting this great cause again in 2014, where the conference will be hosted in Kingston.


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