October 31st… Pumpkin carving day! 


With imaginative (and sometimes horrifying) creations popping up everywhere, I can honestly say that I have been the most inspired by Scott Richard and his pumpkin sculpture masterpieces! No, he hasn’t decorated our clinic with his pumpkins (although I wish he had), however they’re all over his twitter  and Facebook for everyone to admire.

The kids in his neighborhood must love his ‘crazy carved face filled’ door step. We loved his stuff also, and so we got in touch with him about displaying his work here in our clinic. Happily he was interested in the idea and willing to help us put some color to our walls.

Scott is a self-taught Toronto based sculptor/painter, originally born in Peterborough and raised in British Columbia. He’s been a sculptor of various genres for the past 8 years, with his choice of medium being polymer clay, castilene and wax. His specialties include imaginative creations of the fantasy genre, and pet busts! That’s right… Scott can sculpt the likeness of your pet down to the single hair. Recently he’s also begun painting with acrylics on canvas. He may seem quiet on the outside, but his inspiration is boundless it seems.


Last month Scott stopped by the clinic for the grand opening of our NeuroChangers gym and posed for a pic by one of his landscape paintings. Thanks again Scott for allowing us to admire your art each day! Your pieces have helped create a welcoming and cheerful environment for all our clients!

Happy Halloween!

Michelle Wolfe, RMT

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