Traveling with restrictions


The leaves have begun to change color and the air is becoming cooler. Our days are shortening and the winter seems to be just around the corner. Many people decide to escape the minus degree weather and the endless amount of snow during the winter season and vacation in warmer countries.  The thought of visiting a new country and having new adventures is an exciting thing to prepare for, however what if you are now faced with restrictions with your mobility?

At the clinic I have heard it time and time again from clients that they can’t wait to travel when they are “better” and more mobile. The thought of traveling to them in a wheelchair is simply impossible. I can understand that things will be more of a challenge and there destinations may need to be more carefully thought out however traveling with restrictions can be done.

I came across this blog post by Kieran Jones traveling to Australia and it inspired me.  Kieran doesn’t let his limitations stop him, in fact, I feel it drives him more to want to conquer his dreams. If your interested in traveling although you have limitations, I encourage you to go for it. With some good planning and a bit of compromise it can be done! examples of how to travel with restrictions here and here from previous Neurochangers posts. Safe and happy traveling!

“Life has no limitations, except the ones you make”. Les Brown.

Michelle Wolfe, RMT

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