Wanna Smell my Armpit?

Everyday we apply deodorants to a very sensitive spot on our bodies…  the underarm! This is where lymph nodes and breast tissue are found.  For many years now it has been thought that the aluminum found in most deodorants is harmful to our bodies and possibly even cancer causing.  Who wants to chance this scary possibility?

Aim2Walk has tested and found a deodorant called Purely Great which actually works.  This product is made up of 3 simple ingredients and comes in various scents:  lavender, citrus, patchouli and plain.  


I was very skeptical after a client gave me this product to try. In fear of being that “smelly girl”, I have always used the popular toxic deodorants.  I decided to experiment with Purely Great for a full week, applying each morning before work, where as a therapist I am very active and often get sweaty.  Throughout the week, I personally smelled my pits and had others smell for me (surprisingly people didn’t mind risking the chance of smelling a very smelly underarm).  It was a successful week and I was hooked.   It was then I decided I needed to share this wonderful find.

Purely Great is not only safe for our bodies, it is also very healthy for us.  Each scent has different essential oils that help various issues such as hormone balancing and detoxifying. Check here:  for more information on the ingredients and their benefits.

If you’re interested in trying this vegan, aluminum-free deodorant, stop by Aim2Walk. We are selling the product for $12 +tax and it lasts for around 3 months (although I think it may last longer, there’s lots in the jar).

Let’s stay away from unnecessary toxins that are hurting our bodies and be open to trying a natural, healthy product to keep us smelling fresh all day long!

I’m very excited about this product and I hope you too will see how amazing it is!

Michelle Wolfe, RMT

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