Loyalty, Dedication and Friendship

This weekend I happened to see this heart touching commercial from Guinness. The ad features a group of wheelchair athletes giving it their all in an intense game. Sweat and dedication of a team was what I thought I was experiencing until the group of guys minus one walk out of their chairs after the game.

At Aim2walk I have had the benefit of working with all sorts of people and heard some amazing stories. Many of these stories come with the experience of losing friendships and gaining friendships. It’s a hard pill to swallow when your friends or loved one becomes ill or bound to a wheelchair. They may push you away, they may become angry but always remember it is times like these when your friends need you the most.

“The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character” was stated by the narrator in this video.

I often think to myself, “how would I want to be treated if I were bound to a wheelchair?” Let’s appreciate life, let’s help those in need and be kind to one another.


Michelle Wolfe, RMT

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