It’s Official…

Aim2walk has properly hired me to take care of all the social media for the clinic.  Communication through Facebook,Twitter and Youtube have become a powerful tool.  There’s so much information and knowledge out there for us to Michelleshare and these networks help us spread the word fast.

I look forward to the challenge and I am excited to share all sorts of information. If you are interested in our Blog or just enjoy seeing all the fun photos from the clinic please be sure to pass it on to all your friends and family. Many of our clients at the clinic tell us that they wish they had found us sooner.  Our clinic is very special and unique and I want to spread the knowledge of that to the world.  So far this year we have been on CTV, we have had clients come from as far as Jamaica and we have expanded our clinic walls three times the size.  That’s a lot to say for being open for less then three years.

So please tell your family and all friends about us and please follow me on our Blog, facebook page Aim2walk and our twitter account @Aim2Walk.

If you have any information or stories you think are worth sharing or anything you’d like me to look into, please send me a personal message at and i’ll be happy to share the knowledge.

Michelle Wolfe, RMT, DSM (Director of Social Media ) 🙂

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