Technology Talk: Introducing the Amadeo!

Introducing the Amadeo!

At Aim2Walk we are always striving to integrate the latest technology into our rehabilitation protocols.  The newest piece of equipment to arrive at the clinic is the Amadeo Hand Rehabilitation Device.  The Amadeo website promotes “The Perfect Team: The Therapist and their Assistant the Amadeo”.  Here at the clinic we are rapidly learning how our new ‘assistant’ can help us to maximize the quality of our hand rehabilitation and reduce our patients’ time to recovery.

The design of the Amadeo creates a natural gripping movement for the patient’s hand.  As the hand and fingers are moved, the brain is stimulated to organize and reorganize itself to these movements.  The more practice you can get, the better this works!  The robotic assistance from the Amadeo allows a patient to achieve more repetitions of practice at a higher intensity than with conventional therapy.  This may help to reduce spasticity, improve the quality of therapy and reduce therapy duration.

Features of the Amadeo

1. Adjusts Individually:  The therapist adjusts the Amadeo to custom fit for each patient.

2. Passive and Active Therapy: The Amadeo allows the therapist to choose from a number of different modules according to the patient’s progress during therapy.  This device is ideal for all phases of rehabilitation, from passive range-of-motion exercises in the early stages through assistive therapy and onto active and interactive games for more advanced stages of recovery.


3. Specialized in Hands: Each individual finger is attached to the Amadeo separately, allowing for for the fingers and thumb to move into flexion and extension either individually, one after the other or all together.  This allows the therapist to set the limit of movement for each individual finger and monitor what each individual finger does in therapy.

Individual Finger

4. Measure Progress:  Biofeedback allows the patient to follow their own movements in real time through visual and sound cues.  Sensors in the device allow for recording of Range of Motion and Force.  Therapy progress is measured and can be explained to the patient using assessments and progress reports.

Monitoring Progress

I have been excited to see how well our patients are responding to this new piece of robotic technology! If you are interested in learning more about the Amadeo you can read about it here.


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