Cool Links – Healthy Food in the City

fruits_and_vegetablesLooking for foods that are certified organic, local, free from antibiotics and genetically modified organisms? It’s becoming easier to find these safe and healthy foods here in the city. Of course buying local is dependent on seasons and certain organic or antibiotic free foods can be a bit pricier. However if you know exactly where to look you can shop around.  In fact you can even have your food brought right to your door.

In the GTA there are several companies that will deliver a box of vegetables right to your door.

Check out this website for some great organic vegetable delivery services.  It’s easier then you think, you go on line, pick what size of basket you’d like to receive and voila you have fresh organic vegetables delivered right to your door. You don’t even have to leave the house ( although I wouldn’t recommend you becoming a hermit ). This is an easy way to be sure you can find healthy organic vegetables you want.
By the way be sure to check out the rest of this website ( the links on the right of the page ) for more great places to try Vegetarian choices from cafes and restaurants to festivals, events and healthy house products.

As many of you know, I am a vegetarian so i’m not as informed on the meat situation.  However although I choose not to eat animals I do believe if you choose to eat meat, be sure to eat grain fed and antibiotic free.  Here are a few butchers in the area where you can find healthy meat.lady-gaga-meat-dress-vma11_4c90be4d8fa25

Butcher by Nature
520 Annette Street

Cumbrae’s Meats
Various Locations

The Healthy Butcher
Various Locations

The Butchers
This webpage also has links to various other organic healthy foods, products and supplies.

The Village Butcher
2914 Lake shore Blvd West

Meat on the Beach
1860 Queen street East

Another great way to find local foods is at the many farmers markets around the city.
This Website show’s a list of many markets all around the city. Be sure to checkout the times and dates available so you can find a market open close to you.  Again this is seasonal but I have to admit, it’s starting to feel like spring so those markets are going to be opening soon!  Sounds like a lovely family outing.

When shopping for healthy foods be sure to read the labels and ask questions.  There are many words that may “trick” you into thinking the product your buying is “natural” or “organic” or “healthy”  be sure to make sure it is certified organic, antibiotic and genetically modified free. Local is always good as well so you know your food hasn’t travelled for days while on a ship or truck that has pumped large amounts of gas fumes into our air but i think that’s the start for another Blog posting.

Either way, be sure you know what your eating and enjoy it when you do!  Happy shopping!

Michelle, RMT

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