Engage – A story of Rugby, Fate and Perseverance

Welcome to the inaugural instalment of our book review series. Every couple of months, an Aim2Walk team or community member will review a book that has ties to rehab or neurological conditions. Basically, we make our staff read books and then tell you about them. It was either this, or a recap series of The Bachelor (actually, just read this guy…it’s hilarious and much less of a time waste than watching the show).  Our first review comes from our Kinesiologist, Charlotte. Enjoy!

Engage is the story of a 20 year old young man who suffers a severe spinal cord injury in a freak accident while playing rugby.  The story is based on the real life of Matt Hampson, and how he deals with life after his accident.

Engage-bookThe accident happens during a practice when the scrum collapsed, Matt was at the bottom, and the weight of his teammates cause his neck vertebrae to dislocate and put pressure on his spinal cord.  The head trainer was amazing at the scene but when Matt was transported to hospital his life truly changed forever.

There were no rooms at the local neurological hospital so he was placed in a basic British hospital and this story really shines a light on some of the deficits within the British healthcare system. The story also provides a unique perspective into the family issues that come with such a life altering accident, such as finances.  The money needed to have constant care, to make modifications to a house or a car, can all put a strain on a family. Thankfully, Matt’s parents are both very strong people and were able to make the best of their situation.

Although faced with such hardships in his short life, Matt has been able to make the best of what happened to him.  He started the Matt Hampson Foundation which raises money and provides support for people seriously injured in sport.  Matt Hampson’s story is truly inspiring and I highly recommend this book. I could not put it down the whole time I was reading it.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Editor’s Note: We welcome guest book reviews! If you have a book that you have read or have been wanting to read, submit your review to matt@aim2walk.ca, with the subject heading “Neurochangers book review”. Or, feel free to recommend a book in the comments section of this post.

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