Your Greatest Investment – Health RRSPs


This being my first blog, as CEO of Aim2Walk, I wanted to focus on the cost of therapy as it relates to a client’s improvement.  I consider all patients ‘clients’ because of all the hard earned investments dollar they provide for their therapy.  Similar to real estate or stock investments, all clients look for a return on investment over time.

There are no guarantees, but like investments that you control (self directed RRSPs), you can make a difference.  Look at therapy as an investment in long term wellness.  If you choose a therapy program that is prescribed by your doctor or therapist without your input, as is in most cases, your return on investment could be long and with little return on your health improvement.  If, however, you are involved in your therapy plan from the onset – defining goals, projected improvement and time line expectations for reintegration to society – your investment will be secure, if not realized.

Clients often struggle with the cost of therapy so your first objective, like all investments, is to DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

  1. Challenge the clinic or therapist on what the costs of therapy will represent versus tangible improvement.
  2. Have a thorough assessment of your current state of health and measure the results financially as it relates to your goals of improvement.
  3. If you choose to have therapy once a week your improvement in health will be likely be a slow process with marginal gains.  If you choose a more aggressive portfolio of therapy, with pre-defined goals you are more likely to see substantial and sustainable gains.

In starting Aim2walk, my first objective was not to add financial stress to a client’s well being.  Instead, with our amazing team, we set a course of protocol treatments that would be cost efficient and maximize returns on one’s health.

We added state of the art robotics and equipment without adding additional costs to therapy.

It is imperative for our clients to realize that an investment in health is the most important focus in life.  When you ignore your health, it usually gets worse.  If you hire the right clinic and make sure your expectations are discussed and outlined with targeted results measured over time, success will be inevitable.

To become a winning client, you must be hungry: hungry for success, hungry for victory, hungry to simply be the best you can be.  It starts with a dream, but somehow, someway, you must be inspired or you will never be able to reach your dream, your goal.

Desire is sometimes more important than talent or even a healthy body.  Desire is what motivated Mike, a world class gymnastics coach, once paralyzed, but now back to doing what he loves after regaining his ability to walk and coach again.  Desire has also fuelled Fabio, the young man with severe spasms that prevented him from looking up, to finally after six months of protocol therapy to look into his mother’s eye without a spasm in sight.  Stories like these are becoming more and more frequent – the human spirit and its thirst to overcome the near impossible is unquenchable.

I believe that sometimes not to be challenged is, in and of itself, a challenge.  If somehow you are not inspired, you will never do great things… you will never get that winning edge, and you may never reach your goals.  Without a true desire to improve and be great, to accomplish something outstanding, to do something special with your life, you will never be able to push yourself to do what must be done.

It is very easy to cruise through a therapy session now and then, to take a day off, and to not work your hardest.  A good coach (therapist) can help you by telling and showing you what needs to be done and how often to do it, but the rest is up you.  Only you can focus your desire upon achieving your goals no matter what!

Once you have the desire, it’s the determination and dedication that will carry you to your goal.  Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you don’t want.  It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

The relentless quest, the energy that keeps you going day after day, is your shear determination.  There are no short cuts in the world of rehabilitation – only goals to be set and goals to be achieved, competition to be faced, adversity to overcome.  Only the truly determined will ever come close to attaining their goals.

Lack of opportunity is often nothing more than a lack of purpose or direction.  You have set a goal, you have a purpose, you have direction, and you know where you are going and how you are going to get there.  We want you to be more determined than the next client, to stay the course and steadfastly reach your goals and achieve what is yours to have.  Accomplish something special with your life, something that no one can take from you, something that you will treasure forever and ever – Independence!

Our motto is ”Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Start by doing your research, set your expectations and time line and you will hit your target for independence.

Cheers to good health

David Berto


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