Vibrate your Groove Thing

The staff and patients at Aim2Walk know that I love to dance.  In fact, I sometimes can’t even hold it in… a good beat and I just gotta move!  So, when our new Sonic Wave Vibration System arrived I was intrigued.  The system uses a large speaker to produce vibration through sound waves.  When you go to a dance club or concert and can feel the thumping bass in your body, that’s sound wave vibration too!  The Sonic Wave just helps us harness the therapeutic benefits of sound for Whole Body Vibration (WBV).

Sonic Wave Vibration System

Recently, there has been an increased interest in the use of WBV in clinical populations including those with neurological disorders. Several studies have demonstrated improved postural control for individuals with MS and Parkinson’s disease and others show that stroke patients exposed to WBV make significant gains of strength and power in the affected leg.  Sensory feedback of the muscles and joints can be enhanced by the addition of vibration.  Vibration has also been shown to improve circulation, and may have a role in lymphatic flow as well.

Mechanical vibration has been the standard in WBV, but sonic body vibration is the newest advance.  Mechanical vibration can be harsher and more stressful to the tissues, but sonic units provide a smoother and more natural vibration.  The Sonic Wave also allows the therapist to control a large range of vibration frequencies, allowing us to target specific tissues and customize the effect.

Frequencies 3-50 Hz

And here’s my favourite part! The Sonic Wave Vibration System allows you to plug in your MP3 player or computer and literally “Feel the Music”.  Imagine adding Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga to your therapy team.  Admit it, now YOU feel like dancing.

We have already been using the Sonic Wave in our clinic to assist in training strength, balance, and proprioception.  It’s also been effective for patients with poor sensation and circulation.  Sonic vibration is a great addition to our therapy protocol.   I am excited to see if the Sonic Wave can help get our patients moving!

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