Dancing with Rehab

Jen Wright is a patient, employee and good friend of ours at Aim2Walk. She was injured in a boating accident and told she would never walk again. You can read about her traumatic and inspirational story here. Expect more entries from Jen in the future!

I would like to share with you an analogy given by a very wise patient at Aim2walk when describing her experience with her unique team of therapists.  I give you the Tango and the Waltz.

The Tango is a special and unique experience between two people in which every move is intense and personal.  At first the dance will have an obvious leader, guiding the moves and gauging the course.  Then, the other partner will take the lead and route a new path for the harmonious movements to continue and create a perfect balance. With each unique step the partners develop knowledge of one and other and together create the perfect scenario.  This is the relationship of patient with therapist and therapist with patient.  The one-on-one work that each patient experiences with all of his/her therapists at Aim is one of teaching, learning and flexibility.  While the therapist may develop the initial protocol, the patients’ feedback and experiences will alter the path of treatment. 

The intense Tango is replaced with the postured and relaxed movement of the Waltz.  The partners transfer from one step to the next with seamless fluidity.  The dance becomes one of familiarity and comfort.   The ideas developed by therapist and patient alike are shared with each member of the treatment team with humble expertise.  Each partner involved in this ballroom of recovery works with a common goal, to perfect each move and to adjust individual technique and rhythm to each new partner.  

This analogy hit the proverbial nail on the head for me today.  I am constantly humbled by the lack of ego in the therapy team at Aim2Walk, how each member has the common goal of improving the quality of life for every patient with altruistic intent.  I have watched this team grow from inception.  Some have stayed and some have not.  If the fit is not perfect, the name is erased from the dance card!  This is not merely a team of therapists working in a clinic but a family with a very large extended family where each member is equally cared for and respected.  My conversation with that special patient today opened my eyes to the benefits of this environment on healing.  She told me that when she sees other patients being worked on that it makes her smile and gives her ‘peace within her body’.  For someone who experiences pain or discomfort, this is an essential state.   Although we are responsible for our own person internal dialogue, a positive and loving environment will have a dramatic impact on that dialogue and consequently on the body’s ability to heal.

Confidence, camaraderie, comfort, uniqueness, equality, these are but a few of the words I have heard used to describe the environment at Aim2Walk.  Not in my 18 years of SCI recovery have I heard so many positive, genuine and accurate comments about a team of therapists.   I walked out of the clinic that day proud to be a member of the Aim2Walk family.

– Jen Wright

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