The Mecca of Medical Technology


Update on Medica 2011.

As most of you know, we at Aim2Walk strive to be on the cutting edge of anything going on in the healthcare field. We accomplish this through (other than spending countless hours reading – Yes, we are healthcare nerds!) our sister company called Neuro-Solutions ( which is a medical equipment supplier.

Neuro-Solutions imports cutting edge equipment into Canada (the Lokomat is one example) to give Canadians access to the technology that the rest of the world is developing and using in the treatment of their citizens.

This means that we travel the world to attend conferences, lectures, congresses and medical shows (like Medica) to see what is new, whether we can or should sell it, and get the word out about our products. We basically find the best, buy it and use it at our clinic (Aim2Walk) to test it and become intimately familiar with it before we launch the product in Canada.

For those of you who don’t know, Medica ( is the world’s biggest medical trade show held every year in Düsseldorf, Germany. This year, it occupied 16 buildings and had over 4500 exhibiters!

My head is still spinning from all of the walking, looking and talking. As we have just come back from 7 days of craziness, meetings, and of course drinking – I thought I would do a technology review (similar to what Matt did earlier, only much more articulate and intelligent) over the coming weeks. I will pick some of the highlights and of course some of the products we will be launching in Canada next year and give you a glimpse of what is to come.

Stay tuned!

Take it easy,


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