Setup to fail?

Anybody, help? It’s hard to believe but I find myself in a “fortunate” and somewhat favourable position as someone who was injured in a motor vehicle accident. Along with my accident came insurance coverage to help cover some of the costs I will incur over my lifetime. Although, what this insurance coverage pays for is never what you actually receive as insurance companies will fight tooth and nail for every dollar and practically force you into taking a significantly less dollar settlement. But, like I said I’m still fortunate to receive any sort of settlement. I’ve been meaning to write about this for awhile now but at the present moment there has been a recent headline of sorts.

This September Ms. Dort Kyne suffered a high-level spinal cord injury resulting in quadriplegia. She was 41, between jobs in the finance industry, and a single mom with three young boys. Although I can’t put myself in her position I can only relate as the next most frightening moment was probably finding out that as soon as she leaves Toronto Rehab she will have little, if any financial assistance.

Empty Pockets

What to do?

Now I know there is some financial aid but with it comes an enormous amount of red tape and stipulations that seem to be at odds. I won’t go into the specifics, but getting a job or being married will cut financial aid. The aid that Ms. Dort Kyne might receive will certainly feel like a “kick you while you’re down” moment and a cruel joke at best. As soon as any product gets deemed as having some sort of medical benefit the price gets grossly inflated to the point where it actually does become somewhat laughable.

So excuse my ramblings but if there is one point to be made it is that the government practically sets you up to fail once you leave the confines of rehab. At the very least there should be some sort of government program, aid or funding to help out those who truly have nothing. I have witnessed it far too many times even from the get go. I distinctly remember one gentleman that had recently been released from rehab trying to reenter the cafeteria and grab a yogurt before he was shunned away by a staff member. Or what about the many people who have had to cut down on important physiotherapy just so they can afford to pay some of their medical bills? The costs do not suddenly stop either, as the Globe and Mail article mentions, lifetime spending will easily go into the millions of dollars if you are to properly live with the right amount of assistance and equipment. From the expensive accessible vans, down to the smaller daily living aids, it is by far too much for the vast majority of people that live with spinal cord or brain related injuries.

Even if you do have automotive insurance you might be out of luck. Some insurance companies are now requiring that you specifically ask for health coverage in the event of an accident. The shock that one would receive after dutifully paying those insurance premiums month after month only to realize that their coverage did not include catastrophic injuries must be a large one at that!

While I don’t have an answer for what should be proposed, there definitely has to be a program or solution set up for the people and families affected by these life-changing events. Even the current rules and regulations of government funding and aid have to be revisited and rewritten to allow for those who need it most. I know this entry is devoid of any facts or figures but compassion alone has to be felt and accounted for by at least one person in a position of authority to make a change. Currently the so-called great Canadian healthcare system that the vast majority believes will be there for them in the event of an accident is not. I apologize for my ramblings but I felt this had to be mentioned as it is an issue that remains to be resolved.


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