Tour de Pants

The team at Aim2Walk had a special treat today. The folks from Restorative Therapies (RTI) set us up with the RT300 Bike, and we enjoyed a full day of training with the help of a few clients.

The RT300 is a functional electrical stimulation (FES) bike. Its aim is to increase muscle tone and muscle conditioning, reduce spasms, improve sensation, and normalize the muscle firing sequence.

The bike is intended for users with an upper motor neuron condition (basically any injury or condition affecting the brain or spinal cord). Wheelchair users can roll right up to the pedals, and RTI makes it easy for people to use at home.

The system can stimulate up to 10 muscle groups at a time, and progress reports are emailed to users at the start of every week. The placement of electrodes on the user is very easy, with exception of the gluteus maximus electrodes (aka the “butt” electrodes), which found us fishing down the back of our clients’ pants looking for the perfect location. Luckily, with some different handling and a little better positioning, we found a way to conquer the pants and keep the client’s dignity intact!

The scientific evidence for FES use in neurological rehabilitation is too grande to review here, but let’s just say that it works. Studies have shown it an effective way to improve: function, muscle tone, muscle strength and conditioning, patient compliance with treatment regimens, and much more.

We already use muscle stimulation on a regular basis at Aim2Walk, and we are excited that we now will be able to regularly implement an FES bike with our neurological protocol.

Let the biking begin!

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