Lokomat hits the dancefloor! (for a good cause, really)

This is Aaron. Well, in the photo I mean. This is Jesse writing. This should be Aaron writing, but he’s off somewhere apparently doing something really important, and so here I am, writing his entry.

This past weekend our team was displaying the Lokomat at ROBOTICA, the 2nd Annual Stems of Hope Gala hosted by the charity organization, THREE TO BE. THREE TO BE supports the “advancement of laboratory and clinical research initiatives for the development of therapies and treatments for children living with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological disorders.”

Aaron serves as a board member for the THREE TO BE Foundation as their Robotic Therapy Advisor. The focus of the first Stems of Hope Gala in August 2010 was to support stem cell research and thanks to the support of donors a total of $500,000 was raised! This year THREE TO BE raised enough funds to buy Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital a new Pediatric Lokomat!

Aim2Walk has been one of the corporate sponsors for THREE TO BE since they were founded. It’s one of the ways we support the progress of innovative medicine and technology, and of course reach out to more people in need of therapy.

So all in all this year’s Gala was a great success! Not only did the Aim2Walk team enjoy a very (very very) needed night out (we owned the dance floor, well sort of), but a lot of people were able to help raise money for a good cause.

… and now it’s 10:24pm on a Monday night… and we’re all working again.

*Sigh* Next year can’t come fast enough.

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