Missing: Recent Entries

We at Neurochangers must apologize for our recent absence from the blogosphere. Not to worry though, we have plenty of excuses in hand!

a) the clinic has been very busy
b) recent personnel changes require more of the authors’ time for training staff and tending to other clinic issues
c) we have just received the RT300 FES therapy bike
d) I’ve spent the last week thinking of excuses

We’ve decided it would be helpful for our loyal readers (I’m talking about you, mom and dad) if we established a blog schedule. From this day forward, we will have blog entries every Monday and Thursday. Feel free to berate us with hate-mail if we fail to stay true to said schedule (or if you’re just in the mood to send us hate-mail – jesse@aim2walk.ca works best).

With the weather turning cooler in the coming weeks, we look forward to providing you with engaging and educational reading while you bundle up by the fire.

The Aim2Walk Team

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