Greetings from the team at Aim2Walk!

From left to right: Jesse Lown, Matt Sanchez, Norbert, Aaron Stiller

Welcome to neurochangers, the neuro-rehabilitation blog by neuro-rehabilitation specialists. My name is Matt Sanchez, a Physiotherapist that has joined up with a team of creative, passionate, and moderately well groomed therapists with aspirations of advancing the field of neuro-rehabilitation.  Aim2Walk is our clinic (learn more here), but it is more than just a building – Aim2Walk is our brain child. We want to change what the therapy world considers the “standard” for neurological rehabilitation.

Our approach involves the combination of several therapy realms AND some very cool, state-of-the-art technology.  We are not the first clinic to use the Lokomat, Armeo, or any one of our FES devices nor are we the first multidisciplinary neuro-rehab facility. We didn’t invent any of the therapies we provide either. What our team has done is developed a therapy protocol that incorporates technology, physiotherapy, alternative therapies, nutrition, cognitive therapy (and more!) in a way that will optimize the neuroplastic capabilities of our brain and spinal cord. Exciting, right?

We want to use this blog to discuss the latest in the world of neurological rehabilitation. We want to be thought-provoking and educational. Most importantly, we want you, the reader to follow us, and challenge us, as we continue to seek new ways to push the limits of neuro-rehab and offer comprehensive care to those in need.

Please send us your topic suggestions and stay tuned for posts from the rest of our team!

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