Just another day at the spa as we Aim2Muck MS

Saturday, September 26th, Aim2Walk had a crew of muddy racers climbing and pulling themselves through the obstacle course for Muck MS. As I mentioned in a previous post, the team was lead by our very own Aim2Walk client, Merilena Carinci. Merilena is diagnosed with MS and faces challenges walking, however she was determined to make it around this 5 kilometer obstacle one way or another. She did just that, along with the support of her family and fellow Aim2walk therapist Michelle Teves. They had only positive things to say about the day, including this nice note from Merilena.

“I am grateful for all the support from Aim2Walk. You guys provide physical and emotional support and then you even got the t-shirts! You are amazing! My daughters and sister walked for me because they love me but Michelle took time from her busy schedule to be there for me. She walked me through the first obstacle and we realized it was not safe for me. Lui (my husband) walked alongside me throughout taking the action shots. I was the wiping board when team members needed to wipe off excess mud. They made sure I got a taste of the mud! The start and finish shots tell the story!! Saturday I was blessed with wonderful people around me, my daughters, husband, sister, brother in-law and Michelle Teves. Love you guys and thank you for all you do!!”

Take a look at all the muddy photos below.
And a big thank you to Peter Busciglio from Business to Business for creating the design for the Muck MS t-shirts.

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

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Michelle Wolfe

Every Body Fitness is Back for October!

Every Body Fitness is back at Aim2Walk this October with two new classes.  Tuesdays class is inspired by Latin International dance rhythms and is sure to make you feel like you are dancing on a beach in the Caribbean. Thursdays QiGong class has more of a relaxation feel with meditative static postures and various self massage techniques. Each class is different yet effective for a whole body workout.

We have kept our classes at a low price of $20 for 5 classes to encourage everyone to join in. Please tell your friends and family to join you as this will be a class for all body types.  See the descriptions below for more details of each class.

We look forward to seeing you in October.


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Michelle Wolfe

Please call 416-679-9255 to join.
Visit www.Aim2Walk.ca to learn more about our clinic.