There’s something exciting about meeting an athlete!

Aim2Walks annual client appreciation day was this past week and it was one for the books! With a family BBQ feel, we had many clients, friends, neighbours and co-workers out to enjoy good food, fun company and a special guest, ParaPan Am athlete Wes Vick. From 2-6pm, we had a steady crowd coming in and a room full of people who stayed most of the day. We were so happy to have so many bright faces out to enjoy the event!

JP spent most of the day barbecuing the meat while roasting in the sun himself. (You did a great job JP! We may have to get you a larger BBQ next year to meet this years’ large demand.) Thank you to all those who pitched in and brought some food along to share. It’s always nice to have extra options and new foods to try. With all the mouths to feed, it was very much appreciated!

We invited a few special guests this year including John Abramowicz from Kintech Orthopedics Ltd. He had some of his newest pieces of technology and chatted with clients about possible pieces he can create to help with all sorts of body mechanical issues.

KoolWay Sports was kind enough to donate some products for our giveaway and they had some coats on display for clients to see. Many of their products are built especially for those in wheelchairs to make life more accessible and comfortable when covering up for the outdoors.

Adam Janssen and Kayla Cornale from Athletics Canada came for the day with rollers and racing wheelchairs for our clients to try. Wes Vick, who will be competing in August for the ParaPan Am Games also payed us a visit and gave us a demonstration in his racing chair. Our clients were more then excited to have a true athlete at our event and he was more then happy to give autographs and take pictures with our clients. It was a real treat!

It was a successful day and we hope all who came enjoyed it as much as we did. We are already starting to plan for next years’ big event!

A BIG THANK YOU to all our supporters and for all the donations for our Prize table!

Roots Clothing
BetaBrands Clothing
Ortho Canada
KoolWay Sports
Tucker’s Market Place

Thank you for making our day extra special!

Check out the Pics!!!

Michelle Wolfe

Come join in the fun!

The Every Body Fitness classes were a success and the people have asked for more. So, for the month of August, Aim2Walk will be hosting FREE adapted fitness classes! (Yes that says free, it is not a typo). The photo below has all the information, but if you would like to find out more information please do not hesitate to call the clinic at 416-679-9255.

Free Fitness Class


We look forward to seeing everyone from the last session and look forward to seeing some new faces come through too!

Come get your fitness on!

Michelle Teves
R.Kin, NeuroChangers Program Director

Nike’s Flyease Technology Is Opening New Doors For Many With Disabilities.

55a3f9a51b0000f61027fed2For the average person, putting on shoes is a simple every day task, but for someone with a disability it can be nearly impossible. Matthew Walzer, is a college sophomore student who was born with Cerebral Palsy. Unfortunately Walzer is lacking dexterity in his hands which makes it difficult to do fine detail with his fingers such as pulling on his shoes and tying laces. Walzer wrote a letter to Nike’s CEO, Mark Parker, asking the company to develop an athletic shoe that does not require lacing. Parker and his team ran with the idea and have created a shoe with a “hinge like” back entry with a zipper.


This technology is the first of it’s kind and will be helpful for many who live with Cerebral Palsy, Stroke victims and many more! For Walzer and so many others, these Flyease Nike shoes gives them the independence they deserve.  This has hopefully opened the door to many more possibilities.

Michelle Wolfe

Aim2Walk Neurological Rehabilitation Centre