I Need A Glass Of Water!

For the majority of us, drinking a glass of water is as easy as breathing. You grab a glass, turn on a tap, fill it with water, tip the glass to your mouth and drink. What if you didn’t have the use of your arms? How would you grab the cup, fill the cup and then lift that cup to your mouth? These are simple things for many, however, they are impossible tasks for some. Many quadriplegics will deal with this problem everyday. Not having the use of your own hands and arms means being dependent on others, until now…

Jaco is a robotic arm device, created by Kenova, that specifically helps those unable to use their own arms and hands. Moving smoothly around 6 degrees of freedom, with unlimited rotation on each axis, it allows the user to have close to normal range of motion. If the client can use a chair, they can manage Jaco. This means, the arm can be controlled by hand controls as well as mouth or head controls. The light weight arm is only 5.7 kg and it can lift as much as 1.5kg when the arm is mid-length. When reaching to it’s maximum distance at 90cm, it can lift up to 1kg. The robot is designed to allow the user to pick up general every day items, such as, a glass of water or a chip bag.

The fingers, aka the gripper, consists of three gripping fingers with three unique joints on each. The fingers can adjust to any object and shape which allows it to gently pick up an egg or firmly grasp a jar.


This is so much fun!


The chip monster is happy!

The chip monster is happy!

Recently the Aim2Walk team was fortunate enough to trial Jaco. The use of the arm was surprisingly much easier then we thought and like usual, we had some good laughs playing around. The $35,000 device could be very beneficial to a number of our clients however the price may discourage the majority of those in need. With only four being used in Canada right now, we hope to see more in the near future. For more information click here.


Who wants a glass of water?

Who wants a glass of water?

Chug! Chug! CHug!

Chug! Chug! CHug!

Drinking a glass of water never seemed so fun.

BBQ, Prizes & Sunglasses!

Last week was the annual Aim2Walk client appreciation day. The party was a great opportunity for old and new clients to socialize and partake in a little competition with the therapists. We had many prizes like, art work, massages, acupuncture and Fortinos gift cards, Jack Astors gift basket, and much more. In order to get more chances to win a prize, the clients had to dress up in our funky sunglasses and/or sink more baskets then Matt. Thank you to all those who participated in the fun, it was definitely a full day of laughs. Stop by www.facebook.com/Aim2Walk to see more crazy pictures from the party.



Who Wants to Race?


Have you ever wondered how to get involved in Para Tack & Field? If you are a paraplegic perhaps you are looking for a new hobby or passion. Athletics Canada offers opportunities for athletes with different disabilities to train and compete in track and field. This weekend at Nathan Phillips Square, downtown Toronto, Athletics Canada is hosting an event called Top Speed Challenge, to help raise awareness and to show those with disabilities how to get involved.

Wes TSCWesley Vick has been a member of Athletics Canada for the past two years.  He will be attending the event Friday, July 11, 2014 from 5pm-6pm. Wesley will be speaking to those interested in trying wheelchair racing and he will have two racing chairs available for others to try. If you or if you know anyone who may be interested, please stop by Nathan Phillip Square and give it a go!



Date: Friday, July 11, 5pm-6pm

and, Saturday, July 12 3pm-4pm

Location: Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto



You may never know if you like it unless you try!